Top Tech of 2018

The items only have to be new to me in 2018, they don’t have to be released in 2018. They are in no particular order.

Samsung T5 500GB SSD Drive

I don’t know why I waited so long to get one of these. These drives are fast and extremely portable. I’m definitely buying another one 2019. Probably going to go with the 1TB version.

Google Home / Google Home Mini

Voice Assistant’s are something I wasn’t sure about at first, but then I got one. Its an incredible piece of technology. There are a lot of hidden features that you’ll discover as you use it more.

LIFX LED Smart Lights 

Purchased late in 2018, and loving them thus far. Setup and connecting to my Google Home was easy. Tip: Wait till they go on sale, otherwise be ready to pay up!!

Panasonic Lumix G85 

A great little 4K capable mirrorless camera. It definitely has some downfalls, but for the price its really hard to beat. I purchased it as a kit, while also picking up wth the 12-35mm 2.8.

Powerful Collaboration with Google Docs | Summer Camp Professional Tip

Google Docs allows powerful collaboration among camp administrators and staff. Before I go any further I am going to address the one big problem with google docs. That is Google Docs lives in the cloud meaning, in order access files your going to need an internet connection. If internet connection is going to be an issue and its impractical to use Google Docs. Before new year begins ensure that you have put a workflow and file management plan in place. If your one of those who doesn’t have reliable internet, please don’t run away too quick. There are still some valuable tips in this article on staying organizing that you can apply whether your using Google Docs or not.

Organizing Your Docs

While you could easily just create a bunch of files in docs, while search is powerful. I highly recommend organizing your files into folders in Google Drive.

Using Folder Color Labels

Its a little feature that makes a world of difference. Finding the right folder is 100x easier when things are color coded (in my opinion).

Utility Documents

This may not interest as many people, but utility docs as I like to call them are huge time saver. These are documents are kept in google drive, so they are accessible from anywheres. If your camp is like mine, not every cabin has the same number of bunks. As the summer progresses, you forget things. This doc saves you the several minutes it could take to count bunks. This is just one of many possible documents you could create.

Engage Staff in the Planning

At my camp the biggest week that requires the most planning is teen week. Its the only themed week of the summer, and one that nearly all senior staff have a part in. So we use google docs to collaborate on the planning and organizing of events.